Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mama Update

We're happy to report that Mama is doing much better, she's sitting up and taking nourishment. The nurse just went over all her labs with me and they're mostly looking a lot better. We've got a great RN today, she's really on top of things and communicates with us which is wonderful. The ACP who's assisting her today seems stretched pretty thin, though. Guess you can't blame her for being a little bit crabby when everybody wants something and there's only one of her for who knows how many patients. But that's why I'm here, or one reason anyhow, to take up that slack. Dr. G says you really need to stay with your loved ones in the hospital as much as you can these days. So I'm here to fetch and carry and do whatever she wants done. And there's wi fi so yay!

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