Thursday, August 13, 2009

Adventures in Elder Health Care

Or Mrs. Mama's Wild Hospital Ride

It's been a wild couple of days for Mama, me & the sibs to be sure. They found the source of the bleeding and were able to fix it, thank goodness, but because they had to take her off of the coumadin and all of her heart meds she went into congestive heart failure again. That hasn't happened since we started really watching the sodium in her diet so of course that was not a happy development. They have since gotten her back on those meds except for the coumadin which she will not ever be able to take again. IMHO that's a good thing but it could admittedly be a problem in the future with her various cardiac conditions.

Anyhoo... they should be moving her out of CCU and to a regular room today so that is good news. But they have found an active staff infection so it's gowns and gloves and we can't take anything into her room that we want to bring back out, like say, purses, cell phones, laptops... They finally got wi fi at St. Vincent's and now I won't be able to use it unless I leave Mama and go out in the waiting room. But that won't work either because I can't just leave a laptop lying around our there. Meh. Oh well, we're just mostly glad that Mama's getting better and narrowly escaped bleeding to death, it was way too close for comfort this time. Her 91st birthday is in less than 2 months and we have definite plans to celebrate it!


nana4cody said...

Glad Mama is on the mend....and glad too that you have PROOF POSITIVE that the low sodium life style IS THE WAY TO GO...awesome how you have been able to prevent that which medication changes started up again. When you and Mama are reunited at home she'll be so much the better to back with you Feedin' Mama! Continued good luck.

Anonymous said...

Glad mama is doing better,anything we can do. CALL!!! JImmy Boy