Monday, August 17, 2009

Channeling Nancy Regan

Let me begin by saying that I admire and respect Nurses with big, ginormous admiration and respect. And CNAs and Social Workers and all the other folks involved with health care, especially in hospitals. I know it's a difficult job and they are not responsible for staffing levels that stretch them thinner than Mr. Clean's hair follicles. But for the love of all that is holy, why would anyone see the need to inform an elderly patient who is black and blue and traumatized from being stuck repeatedly with all manner of needles for a solid week that she might have to have a blood transfusion and that her current IV needle is too small for the job? Especially in light of the fact that the procedure has not even been ordered?

Poor Mama called last night in quite a state because the night nurse, (not our wonderful, capable super-fantastic day shift diva) had told her just that. Mind you, she had just had her IV replaced earlier that evening and it had been a trying a painful experience. I just wonder at folks who don't seem to think about things before they start yapping, especially to an older person who has been through the wringer and does not need any more stress, especially about things that are only in the faint realm of possibility. It's like those people who just have to spread any bad news they hear because they gain some perverse sense importance from doing so. Grrrr. Anyhoo I confered with one of the sibs and we agreed that there wouldn't be any danger in refusing the procedure until this morning when her regular, fabulous, amazing primary care doctor would return to make the call. And when I called Mama back to talk to her about it that is exactly what she had told the nurse herself. Yay for her! It's often very difficult for her to assert herself but that is exactly what she had done, I was so proud. We are both learning that it is, very often, more than okay to just. say. no.

Now for the best news... she is being discharged to the nursing home next door for a little bit of rehab to regain some strength and should be home very soon. Thanks be to God.


nana4cody said...

I am glad that you found this "Nay Sayer" in the minority. Are we as nurses over worked, over whelmed and just pulled beyond limits...yes. BUT we MUST always remember that our patients are first and foremost sick, scared, have signed over their independence at the registration desk and well....over whelmed and just pulled beyond limits themselves. This "professional" obviously checked her compassion at the time clock and on her behalf I apoligize. No patient, no matter the age, should have been been comforted and NOTHING about a possible procedure should have been mention...NOTHING gets done without a physician's order and he/she should be the one informing the patient/family of any changes. Sorry you had this experience...but so glad you have a capable "DIVA" to rely on in the other hours.
GO MAMA!!!! Have a great rehab and get home soon!

nana4cody said...

I'm sorry, I meant to say No patient should have been comforted and not confronted....