Thursday, June 11, 2009

An Encouraging Word

Blogging can be such a lonely business most of the time. Except for the stars and superstars of the blogosphere I would venture that 98% or more blogs go pretty much unread outside of the bloggers sphere of influence. The Interwebs are as vast as our own universe in some ways and it's hard to get heard or noticed. That's why when a humble blogger/website dweller such as myself receives a word of thanks or encouragement it truly is a blessing. I have many friends and family members who keep up with the Feedin' Mama empire and their kind comments are the fuel that keeps me going. I have a few friends I've never met whose encouraging words are like manna in the desert, they sustain me in the bleak moments of uncertainty about where my wanderings are taking me. (I'm talking to you dear Joan) But sometimes I hear from someone who has found something on the blog or the website that has helped them in their journey and that, dear friends, is what the intent was for this whole adventure. That is the good stuff. I received a note of thanks from a caregiver who found the devotional page on the FM website and wanted to tell me how much it helped and who encouraged me to keep it going because it was something she needed. I don't do this for attention, although attention is a welcome benefit. I DO do this to express myself because we all need a place for that to make our lives count for something. But the main reason I am compelled to provide this stop on the back roads of the Information Superhighway is to bring a little comfort to another. To be helpful and useful and bring encouragement and hope to someone who really needs it. THAT is extra good stuff.


Candy said...


Just because we don't always comment, don't mean we're not here. We're lurking in the corners. We'll speak up more often because you have some good posts here

Betsy said...

I know, thanks Candy. Sometimes though it feels like you're just talking to yourself. Which isn't always bad... I am a good listener! Ha!