Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Living it Up!

I took my new stovetop popcorn popper for a test drive this evening. I had found popcorn glaze at Target in kettle corn and caramel corn flavors a little while back. It's granulated sugar and flavoring that you put in the popper with the popcorn. You have to stir it continually or the sugar will burn but the popper has a crank that turns a blade in the bottom of the pot and it worked just great. I did the kettle corn glaze and Mama loved it. It was delicious and of course the best thing is... no sodium at all, yay! So yeah, we are living it up on New Year's Eve here at the Feedin' Mama residence with our popcorn and sparkling grape juice. It's all good.

Mama and I wish you all a ridiculously happy
and blessed New Year.
Things are gonna be just fine in 2009!

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