Sunday, December 28, 2008

Growing Plans

I just found the greatest web site (thanks to Mr. Ted!) about square foot gardening. It's a great concept about creating gardening grids that have square foot sections in them. They can be built right on top of your regular soil but they can also be built as raised beds which is really good news for folks like me whose arthritis keeps them from doing as much gardening that they'd like to do. It's also good news for folks on low sodium diets. Everybody knows that home grown produce tastes a gazillion times better than commercially grown so you don't have to put salt on those tomatoes, peppers and beans - they're perfect right off of the vine or bush. Also, the grid sections are filled with what they call "Mel's Mix" which is a blend of equal parts compost, peat and vermiculite and it seems that by using this mix you can avoid using weed killers and such which is even better. I'm already itching to start shopping for seeds, planting season starts early here in Florida! I just have to figure out how to start a compost bin that won't cost me anything.


nana4cody said...

a free compost pile is easy! Get a neighbor boy to dig a nice 3x3x3' hole and fill it up with your leaves, coffee grounds, egg shells and all things perishable....and cover with a couple of those heavy duty (contractor) year trash bags...and find a nice neighbor with a pile of bricks in her yard and ask for 406 to lay on top of the plastic....and wait for it all to cook.....let me know how that works out!!

Betsy said...

Thanks nana4... I'll get to work on that. But go to Mr. Ted's facebook albums and check out his nifty rolling compost barrel thingy... I'm lusting after that one, let me tell you.