Sunday, September 21, 2008

Recipe Success!!

I mentioned in a previous post that I subscribe to a newsletter about low-sodium cooking and was especially pleased to get some recipes for several varieties of pickles. I tried one out this weekend and made some truly awesome bread and butter pickles and onions. The recipe was actually just for bread and butter onions but I had been to the farmers' market and bought some pickling cucumbers so I used both. (It's the last recipe on the list.) It was my turn this month for the Tool Time Girls workday at my house so I served the pickles at lunch and we ate the whole batch they were that good! Rave reviews from all the girls and they had a hard time believing that I had not used any salt in them at all. They were really easy to make and best of all I was able to add something that she really had missed back into Mother's diet. I'm taking on the dill pickle recipe next so check back later to see how that works out.

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