Friday, September 19, 2008

In community

I have found a site called High Calling Blogs that is a community of Christian bloggers and I have put in a request for Feedin' Mama to join the community. There are a great many specifically Christian/Spiritual blogs but there are blogs on lots and lots of other issues and topics as well. I believe that communities such as this one can be immeasurably helpful, supportive and a source of encouragement and we all know that care givers need all of that sort of thing that they can get. I hope that Feedin' Mama readers will follow the link to The High Calling and take a look around. I'll bet that they will find one or more sources of interest and perhaps be blessed by a word or thought that they find there. Drop me a comment and let me know if you find something useful and/or encouraging for your caregiving journey. If your care receiver is computer and internet savvy (my 90-year-old mother definitely is) help them link to it as well, I'm sure they will enjoy and benefit from it also.

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