Wednesday, March 4, 2009

See a need...

I met with a lovely young couple this morning who have seen a need in the older adult community and are working to try to fill it. Transportation is one of the biggest issues older adults face and it's a hurdle almost all of them will come up against at some point. We're all for them giving up their driver's licenses when the time comes but there's not a whole lot in place for them to fill that need when it comes, at least that's the case here in NE Florida. There is JTA Connexion, the free transit system provided by the city of Jax but you have to qualify financially and there have been some real issues with their service. On the other end of the spectrum, folks with adequate resources can pay for private car service and then there are folks with great support networks through their churches, families, etc. they can call on when they need a ride. But there is a big group in the middle there who struggle mightily to get where they need to go, especially to doctor's appointments which grow exponentially as we age. I have long seen the need for reliable transportation for these folks but I've never been able to figure out how it would be funded but these folks, Leah and Rick have come up with a plan to get it done. I wish them all the best for a successful venture in filling a real need in the older adult community. Watch for Doctor's Direct Transportation to be a winning venture and a great addition to our community.

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