Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Day Out and Quilts and Strawberries!

We had a great day out today - it's always good for everyone's mental health to take a day now and then to get out of the house and do something fun. My friend Kathy & I took Mama out to my sister Mary's house waaaaay out in the country in Trenton which is northwest of Gainesville. It was a most gorgeous day and Mama really enjoyed the ride looking at the countryside, especially all the dogwood trees and azalea bushes that were all in full glorious bloom. Kathy, Mary & I drove into town to visit the annual Quilt Fest in Trenton while Mama decided to stay back at Mary's house with Mary's grandson Alex. They watched TV and played on their Nintendo DS's and enjoyed their time together.

Trenton has the best quilt shop I've ever seen, it's in an old brick Coca Cola bottling plant, has a very nice cafe and room after room of beautiful quilts, fabric, pattern books and such. There's a resident macaw and big sunny windows and it's just a wonderful place, even for someone like me who most definitely did NOT get the sewing gene that runs through my family DNA. The sidewalks up and down the street were lined with gorgeous quilts shown by various quilting guilds from all over North & North Central Florida, there was bbq cooking on outdoor grills, an antique car display for the menfolk and the most perfect weather anyone could have asked for. We enjoyed it immensely and then went back to Mary's for lunch and headed back home. Stopped by Norman's produce stand on 301 north of Starke and found the most gorgeous strawberries ever, they smell delicious.

You can see more pictures here. All in all, it was a very good day.

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