Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why is it So Dad-Gum Difficult to Find Low Salt Alternatives?

I have to wonder why some stores make it more difficult to find low and no sodium alternatives than others. Is it their customer base that they're stocking for? Let's take canned tomatoes for an example. At Publix I can find canned crushed tomatoes and tomato paste with very low sodium. I can also find chopped tomatoes and tomato sauce in a box with almost no sodium. At WalMart the pickings are a bit slimmer but I can still find low-sodium crushed tomatoes and they even have a low sodium version of their store brand chopped tomatoes. Not to mention that the prices are way lower, yay. So yesterday I went to Winn Dixie because they have this new Fuel Perks program where you get $$ off of your gas fill-up - the more groceries you buy, the lower your gas cost. BUT - I couldn't find a lot of the things I need to cook Mama's low sodium meals. There was not even one choice in the canned tomato selection, not one. Boo. And since dil and I are back on the weight loss challenge I was looking for other things I couldn't find such as 100 calorie whole grain english muffins. They're working real hard to re-image themselves but I still get the feeling that they're still reaching out to the bologna, moon pie and kool aid demographic. The big draw special they had was if you buy 2 frozen pizzas of a certain brand you get a box of fried cheese sticks, a box of garlic bread, ice cream and soda for free. Geez Louise. For those of us trying to eat healthy it was kind of a frustrating trip. Which is sad b/c I could really use the lower gas prices.

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