Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thermostat Wars

We often have an odd little passive-aggressive turf war in the Feedin' Mama household over the thermostat. Mama has lost most of her insulation (body fat) over the years and like most older adults is prone to chilliness. I, of course, have enough insulation for the both of us and more. This leads to surreptitious thermostat fly-bys, each of us thinking we're getting away with something. We do try to address the issue but it's the same old argument that never has a solution. I keep telling Mama that she can always put on a sweater but nobody really wants me to run around here naked and I would still be hot with the temperature sweltering in here like it is. I even bought her a Snuggie (TM) but it's too bulky and cumbersome for her and I can't blame her for not wanting to be smothered by a pile of blankets and sweaters.

Now it may not be news to most of the country but for this native Floridian I was amazed to find lightweight long underwear that actually keep you warm. Imagine that. We purchased a couple of sets for Mama and have finally been able to find a happy medium. They keep her warm without a lot of bulk and I can keep my clothes on. So at least for the next month or so we can dial the thermostat down and have peace in the land. Hooray for light weight long johns and compromise!

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suzanne said...

Cuddle Duds are fabulous!! Let me know if you need me to send you some (and what size) - definitely have plenty in my new neck of the woods. We also have semi-light weight down-alternative throw blankets. The are medium-weight and keep us really warm when we're just sitting around.