Thursday, May 21, 2009

More on the delights of Vitamin D

I posted earlier this month on the great benefits of Vitamin D and how 25% of older adults are deficient. Here is an article (via Instapundit who wisely prescribes sitting in the sun while enjoying a nice glass of red wine) that bears that out and more. It seems that Vitamin D has a positive effect on cognitive brain activity and helps prevent age-related memory decline. Supplements like this one are very helpful but a little bit of sunlight on your skin a few times a week is good for your mind, body and spirit.


suzanne said...

...and it's important for us middle-aged adults to be aware of, too. I had my vitamin D levels checked last month - my doctor did it on a hunch - and my D-level is 10 points below the minimum suggested (yikes!). So now I'm on mega-doses of D to just get it into the acceptable range.

Thanks for the timely reminder for us all!

Betsy said...

Were you having any symptoms Suzanne? Regardless, I'm glad the doc decided to check it out and that you're supplementing. Especially considering that it's rained for what seems like 40 nights and daysies, daysies... no sunshine for us this week!