Saturday, May 16, 2009


I just discovered a nifty little website called The Caregivers Marketplace. It is a rebate program that pays you cash back on purchases of personal care items that are not covered by insurance. What you do is register on their website and then print out a cash back request form. Then whenever you buy 5 or more of any item or combination of items on their list you send in the form along with your proofs of purchase and they mail you back a check. Sweet! They have a wide variety of eligible products such as Gold Bond Powder, Polident, Depends, Ensure, Nature Made vitamins and supplements, Ecotrin, Aspercreme and a whole lot more. Most of the products will earn you $1 back for each purchase, some are $.75 and some are even $2 per item. When you stop to consider how often you buy any of those products you realize that these savings could really add up to a tidy sum to put back in your pocket. And that is really good news, especially in our present economic situation. Happy saving!

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