Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Honey Mustardy Goodness

Here's a favorite recipe that's easy as anything but would be right at home on any high end restaurant menu... and it's low in fat and low-moderate on the sodium too. What could be better?

*Chicken parts (use breasts, thighs, whole cut up chicken, boneless, whatever you want. I don't care.)
*Equal parts Paul Newman's light honey mustard salad dressing, white wine and water. (You can leave out the wine if you want and have 1 part salad dressing to 2 parts water and it's still very good.)
* Red new potatoes, scrubbed and cut in half or in quarters if they're bigger

Saute the chicken parts in a little olive oil until they're browned. Add the potatoes to the pan. Mix up all the liquids and pour them over the chicken and potatoes. Add some pepper if you like your food peppery, I do. Simmer until the chicken is done (160 degrees or when the juice runs clear when you poke it with a fork.) Put the chicken and potatoes in a serving dish and reduce the remaining liquid to make a sauce to pour over the chicken. Make sure you stir up the bits on the bottom of the pan, they taste good in the sauce. You may have to add more water or wine first and then cook that down. Serve with a favorite green veggie, we usually have frozen baby peas with this one. It's so good you're going to just love it. I've impressed quite a few folks with this one and nobody has to know how easy it is. Except that I just told everybody. Oh well, enjoy!


Joan of Argghh! said...

Leg quarters were on sale at Publix yesterday, so this is perfect for tonight!

I may have to throw a bit of curry into the mix, however. Hmm...


Betsy said...

Curry, huh? I like it in my chicken salad so why not? Let me know how it turns out Joan, I hope you enjoy it.