Friday, November 21, 2008

It's a small, small world...

I was just over at the Feedin' Mama site looking at the reports on how many folks have visited and where they're from (geographically speaking, I don't have the capability to track you down in case you're concerned about that) and I am just amazed at how this whole interweb thingy works. Feedin' Mama has been live for one month and two days and the traffic has been amazing considering I haven't even started doing any official marketing other than mentioning it at a couple of local networking events and lots of word of my big mouth to anyone who will listen. Over 850 individuals have stopped by the site in that short time and have viewed an average of 2 pages each. I think that's pretty awesome but what's even more fun is looking at where they're coming from. The majority are naturally from NE Florida but there are two separate cities in California that have very high numbers of visits and someone in Amsterdam is hitting the site hard. There are folks from all over the US, probably 20+ different ones and even a couple from Russia, China and Japan. This is just awesome! Now if I can get some of these people to use the sound off form or send me e-mails it can get even more interesting. But it just goes to show you... older adult issues and caregiver issues are of interest to just about everyone at some point. I just hope my visitors are finding help, inspiration and encouragment while they're here.

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