Thursday, August 28, 2008

Make room on the band wagon...

... because more and more companies are climbing on. I found 2 new sodium free marinades on the shelves at Publix this week - Ken's Steakhouse (the folks who make those tasty salad dressings) has come out with a new line of marinades and 2 of them are sodium free! One is lemon pepper and the other is sesame ginger which I tried on shrimp last night and it was extra good. So thank you to Ken's for recognizing the need and putting a little more variety in our menus. They are so new that they're not listed on the company's web site but I intend to send them a thank you note for sure.

I have been disappointed in almost all of the new "Lower sodium" offerings from canned soup to frozen meals and more. Lower sodium doesn't always mean that the sodium content is low enough to be safe for folks like CHF patients. I'm still wary of giving Mama something that has 700+ mgs of sodium per serving and actually I won't usually use anything that has more than 3-400. It's just not that much more trouble to make it from scratch with fresh or frozen ingredients that have little or no sodium. I wonder sometimes what they're trying to hide with all that salt. And it makes me just that more appreciative of the companies who do offer truly low sodium or sodium free alternatives.

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