Monday, May 26, 2008

Is this bad or is this good?

While shopping for groceries this week I discovered that Lays has a new line of chips advertised as Pinch of Salt, A Low Sodium Choice. I bought the Frito's and one serving (about 34 chips) has 160 calories and only 75 mg sodium. Now I can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. On the one hand it's wonderful that food manufacturers are finally getting on board with the whole sodium level thing, I mean my goodness, the sodium content in processed food is insanely high. I'm glad they recognize the need to do something about it. But. On the other hand, once you've gotten processed food out of your diet, is it a good idea to add it back in just because there's less salt? Yes, they have zero trans fats and truly low sodium. But they're still Frito's. It's a quandry.


Care Buzz said...

Hi Betsy!

Got your email and checked out your blog... good stuff! I will add your blog to my caregiving blog list on

About the processed food quandry... don't bother. Fritos are not that important to a diet. It's processed food!! And if you no longer eat processed food, by all means don't re-introduce it to your diet!!

My best,


Betsy said...

Thanks Carol and welcome! And you're right. If we just say no to the processed food we're better off whether it has tons of sodium in it or not.