Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thanks for the Memories

No, I'm not singing Bob Hope's signature song... I'm talking about creating a legacy of memories for your loved ones. So many of us want to find a way to document our lives for posterity but it's hard to even figure out how to get started for lots of folks, myself included. I ran across this nifty package that helps you recall and record your memories in an album, on a CD and more on the web site's store. Keepsakes and memories are truly some of the best gifts we can leave for our loved ones but documenting your life and your family history can also give you a better perspective on your life. We often are amazed to discover that our lives have been pretty interesting after all.


Regted said...

Betsy - I agree that we are all trying to come up with a way to leave our mark. My father created an album for each of "the boys" - my brothers and me, before he died. I cherish that album because it was his way of choosing memories for each of us.

Betsy said...

What a lovely gift that was for you and your brothers. It is important to document things for those who come behind us but I think lots of folks put it off until it's too late.