Thursday, May 27, 2010

She's over it

Mama is just done. She is weak and weary and the past twelve days have been quite an ordeal for her even though we have managed to fend off the most egregious procedures that the different specialists have wanted to do. This morning she told me she was done, she doesn't want any more food or medicine or treatments. She just wants to go. So we have called hospice in and with their help we can concentrate on making her as comfortable as possible so that the transition will be as peaceful and easy as possible for her. It stinks for us, we will miss her so, so terribly but she is ready and we have to respect that and celebrate her 91+ years and the fact that she will soon be free of her tired and worn out body.

I am learning though, that no matter how much pastoral caregiving, bereavement and/or social work experience you might have it's a whole new and different reality when it's your own Mama who is dying. And it really and truly sucks.


nana4cody said...

The gift you and your siblings are giving Mama; this gift of a dignified death; speaks volumes of all of you. Nothing can make this not suck for you but in time you will all see what a gift she is giving to you in example. God Speed Mama

suzanne said...

My heart aches for you, my friend. Saying goodbye is not easy, especially with so much love involved. Make time to grieve, for she is a wonderful Mama and your loss will be great. Know that your are surrounded by love and support.