Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Everybody has days when they just can't figure out what to cook (unless you're Paula Deen or Martha Stewart) and need some extra inspiration. This is especially true when you have to provide low sodium meals but our good friend, Mrs. Dash has over 170 recipes from Appetizer Meatballs to Zucchini casserole. God bless her. Some of them look really good and I'm sure I'll be adding more than a few of them to my culinary bag of tricks. Follow the link above and get some inspiration of your own.

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Debbie said...

Publix Aprons also supplies excellent receipes, usually quick to fix and very tasty. They sample one of these meals each week at their little cooking center, and if you enjoy the sample all of the ingredients for the sampled receipe will be right at the Aprons center. You don't have to shop around the store for all of the items in that receipe, which saves me lots of time too!